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Erik Harvey, President of the NC Local Government Information Systems Association (NCLGISA), has appointed Greg Marrow, Chief Information Officer for Durham County to the CJIN Board.


The Department of Public Safety just released their January Newsletter featuring an article on LInX of the Carolinas written by Patty McQuillan.  To read the article click here.


Benjamin Brown of the NC Insider wrote article you wrote for the News and Observer. Several of the agencies featured shared their experiences with body worn cameras and the challenges that come with them to the CJIN Board.  Bob Brinson, Chair of the CJIN Board and to Gene Vardaman, Executive Director of the CJIN Board for sharing the concerns that many agencies have.  To see the video article please click here.…/lo…/crime/article51940720.html


Major Steve Willis and Crystal Cody of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Sgt. Justin Flynt of the Greensboro Police Department and Captain Jeff Young of the Hickory Police Department for their presentations to the CJIN Board on Body Worn Cameras and the experiences they have had in their departments.


Sammie Carter gave the Board a presentation on the NC Educational Cloud. The program that was developed for North Carolina Department of Education, but has the potential to be expanded to other areas and agencies in NC.


Chief Palombo the Board and update on the expansion of the LInX Project for NC.  He outlined how the appropriation from the Legislature will be used to connect additional agencies to this valuable resource tool.


Sheriff Charles Blackwood of Orange County, NC and Director John Byrd of the NC Crime Lab, have just been appointed to the CJIN Board.


The CJIN Board has over 25 people who are experts in their fields within Criminal Justice and have agreed to be Advisory Members for the Board to help with specific projects and initiatives.   


Sheriff Sam Page with the help of Captain Jennifer Brame and Evidence Technician Cameron Gardner, graciously hosted the LInX Workshop at the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office.


Robert Graves assisted greatly in the workshop for LInX at Randolph County.  Representative McNeil came to show his support of the system.  Ramseur PD, Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and Randolph Community College have all joined LInX from that workshop.


LInX had a workshop in Harnett County with over 20 agency represented.  Chief Palombo gave another great demonstration and thanks to Harnett County Sheriff Larry Rollins and his outstanding Staff for the use of their facility. At that workshop Moore County Sheriff Neil Godfrey, Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone and Chief Jay Tilley of Clinton all signed MOUs.


Frank Palombo gave the NC Department of Public Safety Secretary Perry, Commission Baker, Colonel West, Chief Allen and CIO Brinson along with other key personnel a demonstration of LInX.


Chief Palmobo gave a live demo on LInX to over 25 agency representatives, Person County Sheriff and Lillington PD signed the MOU at the meeting!


CIO for the Administrative Office of the Courts, Jeff Marecic gave the Board a presentation on the vison of the AOC and the strategy to complete the Vision.


Forsyth County Clerk of Superior Court, Susan Frye along with Bert Barber, and Mary Szawara presented the Board about how they are using technology to their advantage.


DHS Director Lockwood shared his experience with creating Next Generation ID’s.  West Virginia is on the leading edge of credentialing and David Skeen took the audience through the process, which is being used in numerous areas other than criminal justice.


Major Willis, Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD provided a very informative presentation into Body Worn Cameras and CMPD’s Real Time Crime Center.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has deployed Body Worn Cameras to their Uniform Officers, please view the article here…/charlotte-police-deploy-body…/nZZTj/


Gary Snow of the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office provided the Board with a technical solution for authentication that could be used by all the law enforcement agencies in NC.


John Correllus, ITS Executive Director, Government Data Analytics Center has been newly appointed to the CJIN Board.


Detective Mac Abercrombie and Chief Chris Womack of the Douglasville Police Department in Georgia, provided the Board with a comprehensive local approach to secondhand merchandise


The Maryland State Police shared with us, a comprehensive overview of their highly successful and nationally recognized RAPID System – Regional Automated Property Information Database, First Sergeant Brian Gill, Scott Lantz, Compliance Officer with the RAPID Enterprise Solution, Captain Adam Stachurski, Bob Moseley, retired Washington DC Police, currently serving as LInX Program Coordinator for the National Capital Region, and President of Business Watch International Jack Gee all helped with the presentation. 


Director Tim Johnson provided an overview of the Center for Geographic Information and Analysis.  Manager Jeff Brown, shared with the Board the successful addition of land parcels to the already rich GIS data warehouse of the CGIA System.


Peter Romary, General Counsel for GT, started the Inmate Medical workshop by providing all the attendees with a background and how beneficial it would be to perform a pilot.


Sgt. Dan Miglin, Statesville PD, launched the pre-trial release program similar to High Point PD, to reduce domestic violence.  Lt. Al Ferguson, Court Liaison for High Point PD, has been very instrumental with expanding the pre-trial release program to other counties. 


Chief Palombo and NCIS Director Chris Cote, who shared with the Board an update on National and International activities.


The Charlotte Regional Information Sharing System (48 PDs) conducted the Kick-Off meetings on August 7th & 8th with NCIS - LInX Carolinas and Northrop Grumman to discuss joining LInX Carolinas.


John McShane, Program Manager, Office of Information Technology Services, provided the CJIN Staff with an update on the advanced authentication project.


Jeff Marecic, CIO Administrative Office of the Courts, provided the Board with a presentation on court automation along with an insight into his vision.


Detective John Guard, Major Crimes Unit, Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, presented the Board with a presentation on Pre-Trial Release.  District Court Judge Tom Jarrell (Board Member) provided the other members of the Board and guests with an overview of how Pre-Trial Release was assisting Guilford County.  Lorrin Freeman, Clerk of Superior Court, Wake County, shared with the Board and guests how Wake County was successfully using pre-trial release.


Peter Romary, General Counsel for the Pitt County Detention Medical Inmate Pilot Project, provided the Board with an overview of the Proposal to create a pilot project comprised of DAC, several prisons, five to ten jails, medical providers, CJIN Staff, etc.


A workshop was conducted at the Division of Adult Correction, hosted by Chair Bob Brinson; attendees included the contingency from Pitt County Detention Center, CJIN Staff and DOC Staff. 


The CJIN Staff, Gene Vardaman and LaVonda Fowler, presented the 2014 Annual Report to the NC Legislature, the Report was unanimously approved.


Pete Fagan, Executive Consultant, FBI Next Generation Identification Program, presented the Board with an overview of the FBI’s most advanced Identification capabilities


Steve Watkins, Director of DMV Licensing and Theft Bureau along with David Doerr, Law Enforcement Agent, shared with the Board the capabilities of DMV’s Facial Recognition System.


Dr. Mark Cervi and Dr. Gary Leonhardt provided the Board with an update of the Pitt County Detention Center Automation Project.


Jeff Marecic, Chief Information Officer, North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, was appointed to the CJIN Board by Chief Justice Sarah Parker.  Shannon Hanes, IT Analyst, Juvenile Justice Division, Department of Public Safety, was appointed to the CJIN Board by Governor Pat McCrory. 


The CJIN Staff attended the Carolinas LInX Governance Committee meeting at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club in Durham. Chairs Special Agent Joe Kennedy and Chief Mike Yaniero along with Chief Palombo, Carolinas LInX Program Manager provided a very informative presentation and an excess of 60 agencies attended the meeting. After the Carolinas LInX Governance Committee meeting, the CJIN Staff met with Chief Palombo, Dennis Reynolds, and members from SAS Corporation and CJLEADS personnel from the Office of State Controller.


The CJIN Board received a copy of a letter sent from the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police to the NC General Assembly supporting the expansion of the LInX System within NC.


George Bakolia, Program Director, FirstNet, requested that the CJIN Board distribution include an announcement of the upcoming statewide meetings.


Jon-Paul Guarino, NC GangNet Administrator, Governor’s Crime Commission, NC Department of Public Safety, gave the Board an update on NC.


Catherine Miller, LInX Program for the National Capital Region, Montgomery Police Department, Maryland, provided the Board with a comprehensive presentation on the advanced applications being installed in their LInX System. Catherine discussed AFIS, advanced analytics, iPhone connections, pawn data interface, and other tools that are interfaced with LInX in the North Capital Region.  Deputy Chief Mitch Cunningham of the Wilmington Police Department, used to work with Catherine Miller at the Montgomery County Police Department and provided the Board with several testimonials involving high profile cases using NCIS-LInX.  Carolinas LInX Governance Board Chairs, Special Agent Joe Kennedy and Chief Mike Yaniero, shared with the Board an update of their activities.


Chief Frank Palombo is now Carolinas LInX Program Manager, this is a result of South Carolina connecting to North Carolina, thus combining all their incident based records into one data warehouse.  Chief Palombo provided the Board at the December 10, 2013 CJIN Board meeting along with three members of NC House of Representatives and approximately 50 law enforcement agencies (in attendance) with a comprehensive update of the NCIS-LInX System.


Danny Bell, Technical Advisor to the CJIN Board, was just named the Director of CJLEADS, Congratulations Danny!


Superior Court Judge Henry W. Hight, Jr. was reappointed to the CJIN Board by Chief Justice Sarah Parker. Henry W. Hight, Jr. is a superior court judge for the 9th Judicial District of the Third Division of the Superior Court, serving Franklin, Granville, Vance, and Warren counties.  District Court Judge Harold T. Jarrell, Jr. was also reappointed by Chief Justice Sarah Parker.  Harold T. Jarrell, Jr. is a district court judge for the 18th Judicial District, serving Guilford County of North Carolina.  The CJIN Board Chair, Bob Brinson, was reappointed by Governor Pat McCrory.  Chief Glen Allen has been reappointed to the CJIN Board by Governor Pat McCrory.  Crystal Cody, System Analysis and Program Manager, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, has been reappointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.  Greg Baker, Commissioner of the Law Enforcement Division, Department of Public Safety was appointed to the CJIN Board by Governor Pat McCrory. 


Chief Justice Sarah Parker graciously accepted the Boards invitation to come to the meeting and swear in the members as a united body. The Chief Justice commended the Board on their outstanding work and stressed the importance of what they do and how it affects every facet of the Criminal Justice System.


Representative John Faircloth, Chairman of Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice and Public Safety, Representative Rena W. Turner, Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice and Public Safety and Representative Pat B. Hurley, Chairman of Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice and Public Safety, attended the December 10, 2013 CJIN Board Meeting. Representative Faircloth, Turner and Hurley participated in the law enforcement information sharing discussions.


Detective John Guard, Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, provided the Board with a comprehensive presentation on Domestic Violence and the impact of Pre-Trial Release.


Chief Frank Palombo, Program Manager for LInX North Carolina, provided the Board with a comprehensive update of NCIS-LInX activities across the U.S., the status of NC & SC connection and the DOD connection.


Dennis Reynolds shared his thoughts on digital signature, single sign-on, and advanced authentication.


Captain Robert Spatorico and Records Manager Kim Thomas from the Fayetteville Police Department shared with the Board how they integrate their Pawn Shop data into their Records System.


T. Jerry Williams and Bob Moulton, Chairman of the Board for the NC Pawn Brokers Association gave a presentation on the challenges that the Pawn industry is facing.


Apex PD is now using SmartPhones to help solve crime.


The CJIN Board welcomes Daniel Kiger and Dexter Williams to the Board.  Dan works for the Wake Forest University Police Department and is a retired NC State Trooper.  Dexter is the Chief Magistrate Judge for Wake County. 


Representative Jason Saine participated in the October 10th, 2013, CJIN Board Meeting.  He shared with the Board his experiences with technology and joined in the discussions of Law Enforcement information sharing systems.


Here are some links to several news articles on the newest member to the CJIN Board. Courier-Tribune Article.

The Randolph Guide Article.


The CJIN Board supported funding to connect 5 additional Law Enforcement Agencies to NCIS LInX here in NC.

Please click here to view the Budget for 2013-2015.


This is a recent article about electronic license plates.


CJIN Board Member Glen Allen retires as Chief of Police, City of Clayton.  Glen was sworn in on May 1st as the new Chief of the North Carolina State Capitol police.  See article in News and Observer for details -

Greg Baker, a good friend of the CJIN Board and one that has kept the Board briefed on the FBI’s InfraGard activities over the last five years, has been sworn in as Director of North Carolina Alcohol and Law Enforcement Agency – see the new release from the NC Department of Public Safety,

Detective John Guard, Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, a good friend of the CJIN Board, recently announced that Pitt County was the recipient of a $200,000 grant from the US Department of Justice.  The grant "Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Demonstration Initiative" aims to monitor high-risk offenders and identify potential victims – See Details,


The FBI CJIS Division granted a request to the extend the compliance date for implementation of Advanced Authentication. Effective immediately, the compliance date for the IPSec extension and extension for police vehicles to be considered physically secure locations for the purpose of Advanced Authentication will be September 30, 2014. To read the notice please click here. Here is a link to some additional information.


News from the CJIN Board: The Board elected Robert Brinson, CIO to the Department of Public Safety as Chairman and Al Williams, Senior Assistant District Attorney for Buncombe County as Vice-Chairman. Bob has served in this capacity prior to this vote, however; for Al, this is the first time a Senior ADA has ever served in this capacity and the Board is excited to have these active members as Chairman and Vice-Chairman. 


The Administrative Office of the Courts is excited to announce that NCAOC’s Discovery Automation System (DAS) has recently received national recognition, winning one award and being named a finalist for another:

  • NCAOC’s DAS Criminal Discovery Law Enforcement Upload won a 2012 Digital Government Achievement Award (DGAA) in the “Government to Government” category.
  • NCAOC’s DAS Criminal Discovery Component has been named an award finalist by the Awards Committee of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ (NASCIO) 2012 State Recognition Awards. DAS was one of three finalists in the “Government to Business” category.


Durham County PSAP was featured in an article by Urgent Communications regarding the ability to text 911 Operators in Durham, NC.


WRAL Newscast on Misdials can delay emergency response - Raleigh police still spent more than 300 hours last month responding to hang-up calls, many of them from hurried dialers who mix up the 919 area code and the 911 emergency number.


CJLEADS (Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services) has developed a mobile version of the application that will allow officers who might not have a laptop in the car to access the information that CJLEADS compiles. See the WRAL interview of Officer John Maultsby at the Raleigh Police Department and Kay Meyer of the Office of State Controller here: or read about it here:


The Charlotte Regional Information Sharing System or CRISS was interviewed by a local Charlotte News Station regarding their new COPLINK system. Please click on the link to view the interview with Board Member Crystal Cody of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.


Chairman Bob Brinson was interviewed by Government Technology Magazine about the new DOC Dashboard they are using. Please read the article at: