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The next CJIN Board Meeting will be September 25, 2014 at the NC Judicial Center, 901 Coporate Center Drive, Raleigh, NC, atarting at 9:00 AM. Directions are locted under the Next Meeting Tab.


Danny Bell, Technical Advisor to the CJIN Board, was just named the Director of CJLEADS, Congratulations Danny!


Apex PD is now using SmartPhones to help solve crime.


Here are some links to several news articles on the newest member to the CJIN Board. Courier-Tribune Article.

The Randolph Guide Article.


The CJIN Board supported funding to connect 5 additional Law Enforcement Agencies to NCIS LInX here in NC.

Please click here to view the Budget for 2013-2015.


This is a recent article about electronic license plates.


CJIN Board Member Glen Allen retires as Chief of Police, City of Clayton.  Glen was sworn in on May 1st as the new Chief of the North Carolina State Capitol police.  See article in News and Observer for details -

Greg Baker, a good friend of the CJIN Board and one that has kept the Board briefed on the FBI’s InfraGard activities over the last five years, has been sworn in as Director of North Carolina Alcohol and Law Enforcement Agency – see the new release from the NC Department of Public Safety,

Detective John Guard, Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, a good friend of the CJIN Board, recently announced that Pitt County was the recipient of a $200,000 grant from the US Department of Justice.  The grant "Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Demonstration Initiative" aims to monitor high-risk offenders and identify potential victims – See Details,


The FBI CJIS Division granted a request to the extend the compliance date for implementation of Advanced Authentication. Effective immediately, the compliance date for the IPSec extension and extension for police vehicles to be considered physically secure locations for the purpose of Advanced Authentication will be September 30, 2014. To read the notice please click here. Here is a link to some additional information.


News from the CJIN Board: The Board elected Robert Brinson, CIO to the Department of Public Safety as Chairman and Al Williams, Senior Assistant District Attorney for Buncombe County as Vice-Chairman. Bob has served in this capacity prior to this vote, however; for Al, this is the first time a Senior ADA has ever served in this capacity and the Board is excited to have these active members as Chairman and Vice-Chairman. 


The Administrative Office of the Courts is excited to announce that NCAOC’s Discovery Automation System (DAS) has recently received national recognition, winning one award and being named a finalist for another:

  • NCAOC’s DAS Criminal Discovery Law Enforcement Upload won a 2012 Digital Government Achievement Award (DGAA) in the “Government to Government” category.
  • NCAOC’s DAS Criminal Discovery Component has been named an award finalist by the Awards Committee of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ (NASCIO) 2012 State Recognition Awards. DAS was one of three finalists in the “Government to Business” category.


Durham County PSAP was featured in an article by Urgent Communications regarding the ability to text 911 Operators in Durham, NC.


WRAL Newscast on Misdials can delay emergency response - Raleigh police still spent more than 300 hours last month responding to hang-up calls, many of them from hurried dialers who mix up the 919 area code and the 911 emergency number.


CJLEADS (Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services) has developed a mobile version of the application that will allow officers who might not have a laptop in the car to access the information that CJLEADS compiles. See the WRAL interview of Officer John Maultsby at the Raleigh Police Department and Kay Meyer of the Office of State Controller here: or read about it here:


The Charlotte Regional Information Sharing System or CRISS was interviewed by a local Charlotte News Station regarding their new COPLINK system. Please click on the link to view the interview with Board Member Crystal Cody of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.


Chairman Bob Brinson was interviewed by Government Technology Magazine about the new DOC Dashboard they are using. Please read the article at: