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Administrative Office of the Courts, NCAWARE

Administrative Office of the Courts
Phone: 919-890-1000

The state of North Carolina lacks a complete and effective statewide repository of criminal processes, including warrants and orders for arrest. Several counties maintain their own local repository. Some use a manual process, such as a collection of the paper warrants in a central location. Others are automated. The NCAWARE system provides an automated, web-based statewide warrant repository to maintain and track criminal processes and offender information. A primary goal of this project has been the migration of the existing Magistrate System from a client-server platform to a web browser-based environment, providing secure, broad access to all of the criminal justice and law enforcement communities. Initially the system will be populated by data from both the existing Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Magistrate System and the Automated Criminal Infraction System (ACIS). The completion of the NCAWARE system provides increased compliance with AOC's new technical architecture and completes a significant part of the many modules that together will make up the AOC's modernized Court Information System (CIS). The goals of the NCAWARE system are to

  • provide an automated statewide warrant repository to maintain and track criminal processes and offender information
  • provide system access to all North Carolina court officials and law enforcement agencies
  • move the AOC Magistrate System from client-server platform to a web browser-based environment
  • convert existing Magistrate System data and outstanding processes in ACIS to NCAWARE

NCAWARE Update from March 24, 2011 CJIN Meeting

Discussions have taken place regarding electronically interfacing NCAWARE system to the Local Law Enforcement RMS; Basil McVey related to the Board that as of November there will be a nightly download available to all law enforcement that will download into their specific Record Management System; AOC has been working with several vendors and agencies in a pilot mode, this is not an automatic update, it does require logging into a secure site in order to download the information, however AOC is more than willing to work with any Vendor to develop an automated download of the data nightly. Stephanie Taborn is the contact for this initiative. ACIS has been updated to put paper Orders For Arrests to Electronic form this has been accomplished through GCC Grants to hire retired staff to work part-time and they are converting about 3,000 documents a month, there is also the ability for Criminal Justice Personnel to lookup an Officer's Court Date though ACIS, Dennis Bandiero is the contact for this initiative, and there is a provisional license for NCAWARE with the Magistrates participation by January. AOC is working on additional initiatives that give the largest return for the lowest resources for right now, but are more than willing to discuss enhancements to NCAWARE from anyone. AOC is also working with DOJ to help interface NCAWARE and NCIC so that duplicate data entry isn't necessary.

NCAWARE Interface to RMS Vendors Update, February 23, 2012

Basil McVey with the AOC provided the Board with an update on the RMS Vendor interface, including the operationally nightly Local Law Enforcement update available to any RMS Vendor, the vendors can contact Stephanie Taborn at the AOC for access to this nightly update, the AOC has distributed announcements that got to most of the vendors, but if anyone needs this update, please contact Stephanie at the AOC, the nightly update was to eliminate the need for doing double entry into both the RMS system and the NCAWARE system, the goal is to eventually be real-time or near real-time with this data entry, Basil stated that AOC is working with Charlotte and Buncombe counties on an interface implementation this year, and until they get these two counties are operational, then the other projects will need to be put on hold.


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